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Fixed Fee Conveyancing
Residential Property
Fixed Fee Conveyancing
Residential Property
Fixed Fee Conveyancing
Residential Property
Fixed Fee Conveyancing
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Fixed Fee Conveyancing With Convenience

No matter where your property is or where you are moving home to, The LawShop Online’s solicitors are ready to help make the process as straightforward as possible with fixed fee conveyancing.

Whether buying or selling, we will ensure you are aware of everything pertinent to your situation and will carefully monitor and keep you up to date throughout the transaction. We offer fixed-price rates to help you keep control of the costs of conveyancing and we are committed to our clients so you get the communication you need. We also run MyCase which allows you to track your case online 24/7.

Conveyancing solicitors who care

Our conveyancing solicitors will be there every step of of the way offering support and guidance. Moving home is regularly shown in surveys to be one of the most stressful challenges that most of us will face during our lives. So, amidst all the confusion and turmoil that can be involved in a house move, having a calm and focused solicitor can make all the difference in the world.

The LawShop Online’s conveyancing solicitors act as the lynchpin to a successful move, keeping the process under control. We are on your side throughout, offering dedicated advice for the duration of the process.

Why Use Us?

There is no need to take time out to come and instruct us. We are able to offer conveyancing quotes and take instructions for buying a property over the phone:

Call us on: 0116 266 5394 for a free, no-obligation quote.

Based in Leicestershire we offer a personal fixed fee conveyancing service and have expert knowledge of the county to make sure you know you are getting the best. Our commitment to client care means that we will always be on hand if you need to contact us. If we are unavailable we promise to return all calls on the same day and we promise to reply to emails on the same day.

Whatever kind of property you’ve decided to buy you don’t want to find you’ve got escalating solicitors bills. This is why we run fixed rate pricing for conveyancing so you don’t pay more than you should. We will give you your fixed-fee quote up front and we ensure that there are no hidden costs so you have complete peace of mind when you use us to buy your house.

For general information and advice please call us today on 0116 266 5394 or fill out the contact form below.

How long does it take?


Every transaction is different and unfortunately there is no exact timescale, although on average a transaction takes between 6 and 8 weeks.  It really does depend on how long the chain is, mortgage funding and if there are any problems with the title. Call us on 0116 266 5394 to learn more about what would be realistic for your situation.

When can I book removals or serve notice on my rented accommodation?


Until contracts have been exchanged the transaction is not legally binding and any party can withdraw without any penalty.  We would therefore always advise you not to make any arrangements until we have exchanged contracts as you may incur costs should completion be delayed or not take place.

Why does completion have to take place on a weekday?


On the day of completion funds are transferred between each solicitor by CHAPS payments (same day transfer), the banks do not offer this facility at the weekend.

How does your quotation work?

We are interested in seeing if we can help you with no obligation. We’ll take some details about your situation (about whether you’re buying, selling or both) as well as asking a few simple questions that help us to accurately gauge the service for you. We’ll also offer you a free 30-minute consultation with one of our solicitors so that you can feel confident that you’ve got the right fit and that we understand what you want to achieve. Thereafter, it’s up to you whether you want to take the service further.

Ready to talk? Call us on: 0116 266 5394